The city of Nitro welcomes you...


The goal of Nitro leadership is to provide a safe, clean, healthy, productive
city that allows all people to reach their full potential through education,
commerce, culture, recreation and wellness. We believe that growth depends
on the solicitation and input of ideas from all citizens and the
incorporation of those ideas into the decision making process.

The identification of our goals has been realized with the development of a
visionary long term Street Scape Master Plan that allows city leadership to
move forward in a prudent and fiscally responsible manner. City leadership
is committed to the execution of this plan as evidenced by the many recent
improvements including those on Bank Street and at Ridenour Lake.

For individuals looking to relocate or start a new business we strongly
encourage you to consider Nitro. City leaderships commitment to improvement
and growth has created tremendous investment opportunities in residential
homes and commercial property. Become a part of our community and join with
us as we continue to move Nitro forward.

Dave Casebolt, 

Your Mayor